Meet eTwo Skin Resurfacing

and lose your fear of cosmetic skin procedures.

A complete facial rejuvenation

Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction and Scar Improvement with eTwo Skin Resurfacing.

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The eTwo machine provides two critical treatment options for optimal skin health. These are our Sublative and Sublime treatments.

Our first treatment option using the Sublime handpiece uses heat and radiofrequency to provide skin tightening on the face. This treatment is similarly compared to our Venus Freeze treatment.

Secondly, for a more aggressive approach on fine lines and wrinkles, texture and acne scaring our Sublative skin resurfacing handpiece combined with radiofrequency helps exfoliate, stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. 

These treatments can be done on their own to treat specific indications or can be combined for optimal results in all areas of concern. Depending on the skin condition sessions can range from 1-5 treatments either with a 4–6-week interval or 5–7-week interval


Sublative and Subline treatments are clinically proven to treat:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • acne and scars
  • sun damaged skin

Proven solutions for smooth skin, wrinkles, scars and sun-damage.

Sublative rejuvenation is a unique procedure that combines the results you can achieve with aggressive treatments – with no downtime. The secret to sublative rejuvenation is the energy used and how the energy is delivered through the skin.

Sublative rejuvenation delivers light below the skin without overheating the top layers. It uses fractional bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate though the skin which is what makes it so safe for all skin types.