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Treat disease, prevent illness and promote wellness.

IV and injection therapies are very effective methods not only to treat disease, but also to prevent illness and promote wellness. Consuming oral supplements does not always provide the best results since we have to rely on perfect digestion and absorption in the intestine, which is often not the case. Secondly, it is often impossible to consume that much of a nutrient at one given time. We can bypass the intestines using injection techniques by directly introducing nutrients into the bloodstream. By achieving high concentrations of nutrients in the blood, it can then be delivered directly to our cells.
vitamin iv therapy

Our IV’s and injections are made up of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients, in specific combinations depending on the individual needs of the client.

Intravenous (IV) and injection therapies are therapies that introduce nutrients directly into the body. By introducing substances directly into the body, we bypass the need to swallow, digest and absorb these nutrients. This increases the availability of these nutrients to the body and therefore has a more rapid and direct effect on the body, with 100% absorption.


Intravenous therapies make use of an IV administration set, including the carrier solution, and a needle securely placed into a vein. Nutrients are either pushed, or dripped into the vein over a period of time.

An IV ‘drip’ uses an IV bag, known as a carrier, which is usually sterile water or saline. The nutrients are put into the carrier solution and the bag is hung on an IV pole, and given slowly over a period of time ranging from 20 to 75 minutes. A common example of an IV drip is the use of electrolytes on patients suffering from dehydration.

An intravenous ‘push’ makes use of a syringe filled with specific nutrients, and those nutrients are pushed directly into the vein by the doctor or nurse. Generally speaking, an IV push uses smaller volumes of nutrients and the treatment is given over a shorter period of time, about 10-20 mins. 

Intramuscular (IM) injections are injections of nutrients directly into the muscle. By injecting into the muscle, the nutrients are slowly absorbed directly into the body. A common example of an IM injection therapy is a ‘B12’ shot.

Improved energy (fights fatigue)

Reduce stress

Improve immune status (colds, flues,)

Improve mood (Depression & Anxiety)

Hair, skin and nails



Improve sleep

Improve athletic performance

Improve athletic recovery

Improve circulation


What’s In Them:

All of the Vitamin IV’s start with the fundamentals – Amino acids, Vit C, B complex and minerals.

The extra boosts in each are:

Wellness – for general health and well being; improved energy.

Immune Support – for colds, flu and general “run down”.

Stress Support – for irritability, low stress tolerance, or if your feeling burnt out

Mood – improves mood and anxiety, depression and insomnia

Hydration – improves hydration, electrolytes and mineral status



  • Licorice Root  …  $10.00
  • Vit C  … $10.00
  • B-12  … $10.00
  • Glutathione  … $10.00
  • Amino Acids  … $10.00
  • Hyaluronic acid  … $10.00
Wellness IV therapy
Mood IV therapy